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Space Technology

To help our clients drive revenues, we understand the importance of making every inch of floor space count. That’s why Acosta has more than 250 in-house Space Technologists who cover all classes of trade across the United States and Canada, working inside most retail headquarter offices.

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From the Store to the Stove, Acosta Research Shows Grocery Shopper Behavior Influenced by Engagement with Food

Today’s shoppers are seeking positive culinary experiences, making deliberate decisions from the store to the stove, have pride in the brands they buy and share their cooking journeys online. 

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Acosta unveils cold hard facts about the future of the frozen section

Acosta unveils cold hard facts about the future of the frozen section

From frozen desserts to appetizers and meals, the frozen section in U.S. grocery stores has the ability to be a one-stop shop for consumers on the go. 

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Dynamic Retail

Acosta’s Dynamic Retail Model uses big data analytics, field technology applications and experienced sales teams to drive sales and superior ROI for our clients. By using yesterday’s POS data, we can identify new opportunities to maximize sales lift and quantify every action we make in the store.

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Event Marketer Names Mosaic to Top 100 Event Agencies

As our editorial board reviewed submissions for our 14th annual It List, we noticed many of the event industry’s top agencies celebrating major milestones. Nineteen agencies hit their “twenties” this year. Twelve agencies have been in business 30-40 years. And six agencies have joined the “40-plus” club.

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Account Management

Account Management

Efficiently embed talented e-commerce sales leaders for your brands across all the top e-tailers, like Amazon,, Jet, and others – we guide you through the digital marketplace by:  

  • Developing an e-commerce Strategy
  • Assisting with Account set up and leadership
  • Managing your digital shelf
  • Planning and executing promotional programs
  • Supporting fulfillment optimization efforts
  • Providing exceptional backroom support
  • Delivering scorecards and insights 

We also have an innovative approach to help you efficiently improve your brand’s presence at many of the top brick-and-click retailers.

Digital Shelf

Digital Shelf Monitoring and Optimization

Our dedicated staff leads the way in content optimization, providing real-time visibility to actual digital shelf performance and fixing problems before you even notice them. We monitor in-stocks/buy box, content health, search, ratings and reviews, and other business critical metrics needed to run your online business. We can help you simplify your content management, syndication process and tap into our deep retailer knowledge base to seamlessly manage the process.

Content Creation

Content Creation and Management

Our dedicated E-commerce Content Team, powered by Mosaic, works to ensure that the strength of your brands will always be on display online by developing best-in-class Item Page content for your brands to drive conversion and sales.

We deliver mobile-optimized and search-optimized content (copy and visuals) for your item pages, as well as enhanced (A+) content. Content can be published leveraging other Acosta eCommerce services or integrate with your current publishing approach.

Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Our ‘commerce’ experts at Mosaic know today's shopper is in control of when, how and where they make purchases. Based on your goals, we can generate appeal for your brand, whether in-store or online, by planning and executing campaigns inclusive of:

  • Organic and paid search
  • Digital media
  • Social media
  • Email campaigns
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Bloggers and Influencers  

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Retailer Coverage

From strategy to implementation and beyond – we serve some of the world’s leading brands in online retailers like:

Sams Club
ShopRite from 真人百家了网址home
Thrive Market

Other Services

Our integrated and seamless services maximize efficiency at retail locations and throughout away from 真人百家了网址home meal channels.